Ray is Going to the Show

Congratulations to Ray Hennessy on his selection to umpire the 2017 Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  Ray has been a long-time umpire for Little League and served as District UIC a few years back.  We are very proud of his selection and wish him the absolute best.

2017 District Umpire Clinic

We will be holding our annual Umpire Mechanics Clinic from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday, 4 February 2017 at Saticoy Little League.  The rules Clinic wil be held on at 6 pm on Friday, 3 February at a soon to be decided location. The object of the clinic is to give the trainee the minimum tools to call balls and strikes, safes and outs, to get the best position to make calls and understand the theory behind the mechanics being taught.  Donuts and coffee will be provided and well as lunch.  Please go to the Sign-Up tab to RSVP.


Congratulations are in order.  David Harrison of Saticoy Little League was selected to umpire in the 2016 Little League Western Regional at San Bernadino.  In addition, Dave Crooks of Capinteria Little League was selcted to umpire in the Big League Western Regional in Everett Washington. Additionally, Bill Berger was selected to umpire in the 2016 Little League European, Middle East and Africa Regional in Kutno Poland.  Well done and well deserved.

In Memory of Bill Chavez

One of our fellow umpires, Bill Chavez passed away on the morning of 17 November, 2014.  Many of you know that he has been valiantly battling cancer for the last year and has earned his eternal rest from his suffering.  I ask that we all keep him in our thoughts and prayers and say a word of praise so he hears our voice.  We valued his gift of time and energy through many years of Little League involvement for Saticoy.  We were honored to welcome him onto the D63 staff and I know your warm reception and praise meant a lot to him last August.  Let us keep him with us as we enter the New Year and work hard to maintain the professional approach to working hard every game and keep in mind the young ball players we all serve.  Thank you Bill for being part of this great brotherhood and servicel.

Dave Crooks


Dave Crooks

President, District 63 Umpire Association